I've signed up for an account so why can't I access bookings?

When you sign up for an account you should automatically receive one or two emails: 1. You might receive an email that is required to verify your address - especially if you signed up with a social media account. If you receive this email, you MUST click on the 'verify email' part before you can move on. 2. You should receive an email that confirms that your account has been approved. If you don't then we may have blocked your account. Either of these emails may find their way into your spam folder, so check there if you can't find them. If you still have issues please contact us.

I've completed the Terms Form, why can't I access bookings?

Once the Signup Form is complete, we manually check that you've entered full details. It can take up to 24 hours for us to get round to this. If you find it's taken longer, then please check your email because we may have asked you for more details. The most common issue is an incomplete address. For insurance purposes we require all of the following: house number or name, street, town and postcode.

Can I make multiple bookings at once?

Yes you can! 10 private sessions for the price of 9. Ideal for customers who swim on a regular basis. Either select Bulk Booking from the Book Online menu, or 'buy a pricing plan', when you select an availability from the calendar. The credit can be used as and when you like within three months of purchase.

How do I make a pool booking?

All pool bookings must be made online. Please follow these simple steps to get swimming: If you already have an account:

  1. Log In (top right on desktop, from the menu icon on mobile)
  2. Select Log In on the signup window
  3. Enter the email and password that you registered with
  4. Book Online (top right on desktop, from the menu icon on mobile)
  5. Select the appropriate class of booking
  6. Find an available date and time that suits you
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions
If you don't have an account:
  1. Click 'Log in' (top right on desktop, from the menu icon on mobile)
  2. Fill in the Sign Up form (with your full address please)
  3. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions
  4. Your details will be checked and your account will usually be approved within 24 hours
  5. You will receive an email when your account is approved
  6. Follow instructions above

Can I cancel or change my booking?

Yes! As long as there is 72 hours before your booking, you can cancel or change by following these simple steps:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Select 'My Bookings' from the menu
  3. OR... login and click here: my bookings
  4. Follow the cancellation or rescheduling instructions
According to feedback, "'s unbelievably easy!! Brilliant website. Thankyou x"

Pricing? Availability?

Please see homepage here!

Why is booking just a blank screen?

Please update your browser (eg. Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) and try again!

What temperature is the pool?

St Michael's Pool is usually kept around 31 degrees Celcius. It's pretty warm! The only downside is condensation inside the dome.

Is the pool disinfected with chlorine or bromine?

For anybody with sensitive skin, the pool is disinfected with chlorine. The chlorine levels are kept relatively low, around 2 parts per million.

What are my COVID refund options?

Unfortunately our web system (WIX) can not handle refunds for bookings that were cancelled due to lockdown! We have to process each refund individually through the payment providers PayPal or WorldPay. But it's a real pain, so we need your help. Here are the options below. If you're looking for a refund for SASP swimming lessons, please contact SASP directly.

  • I'd like to donate my payment to St Micheal's Pool:
Obviously this is not expected of you. However it would help enormously, especially given the COVID closure, and we would be eternally grateful. Please let us know so we can thank you personally.
  • I'd like a credit note for my next booking:
This would also help enormously because it's much easier for us than processing a refund. Please message us with the following details: Please may I have a credit note. Name: __________ Date & time of cancelled booking(s): __________ Amount paid: £__________
  • I'd like a refund please:
Of course we will respect and oblige all refund requests. Please message us with the following details: Please may I have a refund. Name: __________ Date of cancelled booking(s): __________ Date the booking(s) made: __________ Amount paid: __________ PayPal or Worldpay: __________ Payment name (if different from above): __________

How big is St Michael's Pool?

St Michael's Pool measurements:

  • Length 12.5m
  • Width 6m
  • Shallow end ~1m
  • Deep end ~1.5m

I'm a member: Why don't I have permissions to access bookings?

I'm an existing customer but I go to the bookings page and it says, "You don't have permissions to access this page". Try this: 1. Refresh your browser to see if that solves the issue 2. Check that you're using your correct email address. Is it possible you previously signed up with another email? 3. If that doesn't work, send us a message!

I've signed up: Why hasn't my account been approved?

Because of high demand we are not currently accepting new memberships. You have been placed on a waiting list and will be notified when things change.

How do I apply a discount code?

- Following the usual booking process, click on 'Enter a coupon code' when you get to the booking form: - Type your discount code into the box - IMPORTANT: You must press the right arrow to apply the coupon code! Successful entry will show like this: - Click 'Pay Now' You should see a booking confirmation that includes your discount:

Are you accepting new memberships?

St Michael's Pool is fully subscribed with a waiting list of approximately 6 months. To join the waiting list, sign up here.