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St Michael's Pool Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions of Use are for your own safety. Failure to adhere to all terms the three sections below may result in termination of membership and refusal of future bookings.

  1. Users must be conversant with and follow the Operating Procedure.

  2. Groups must have a minimum of 2 adult supervisors at all time, aged 18 or above in accordance with the Supervision Requirements.

  3. Supervisors must remain in the pool enclosure throughout the session, they must continually scan the pool and not enter the pool other than to effect a rescue.

  4. Supervisors must be fully conversant with the Emergency Action Plan.

  5. Diving, jumping in, tumble turns, sitting on the side of the pool tank, snorkels, flippers, use in unclear water, use in the dark, running in the compound, rough play and swimming immediately after food are strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban and removal from the pool.

  6. Balls are to be used as a swim aid only and at the discretion of the supervisor to ensure that there is no rough play.

  7. During out-of-school use, a supervisor must ensure they have a mobile phone, checked and operational prior to each swimming session.

  8. Parents are reminded that out of school time they are responsible for their own children's safety.

  9. Smoking, alcohol and dogs are prohibited in the pool complex and throughout the entire school

The following Terms and Conditions of Use are for your own safety and hygiene, help keep the pool maintained to a budget and keep booking fees to a minimum.

  1. Please ensure that shoes are removed and left in the shoe removal area, next to the main entrance on the right-hand side. Shoes must not be taken into the changing rooms.

  2. Please ensure children use the toilet facilities before entering the pool.

  3. No eating or drinking.

  4. Nappies must be taken home. Please do not use the bins for nappies.

  5. Any breakages or missing items must be reported.

  6. Swimming hats must be worn if hair is shoulder length or below. Powerful suction around the vents can trap long hair!

  7. Any person suffering from the following conditions must not swim:

    • Respiriatory infections (eg. colds, runny noses)

    • Infected ear(s)

    • Recent sickness or diarrhoea

  8. All jewellery must be removed, especially ear-rings.

  9. All accidents must be reported in accordance with the Accident Reporting procedure.

  10. Accidents resulting in pool contamination (eg. blood, vomit, faeces, urine) must be reported immediately and the pool session terminated straight away. TDS (total dissolved solids) measurements are taken multiple times per day. Failure to disclose accidents will result in membership termination.​

  11. Please do not cover the pool, unless requested to do so.

The following Terms and Conditions of Booking are for your own safety and clarity, and help to reduce the administrative burden on the volunteers of the Pool Management Team.
  1. Bookings are for a maximum of 20 swimmers.

  2. Booking times denote entry and exit of the pool complex, not time in the water.

  3. You must leave the school premises promptly after swimming. Recreation in the playground or field is prohibited.

  4. While bookings are private, access to the complex may be required for maintenance and/or chemical monitoring. 

  5. Bookings may be shared by multiple groups, but sub-contracting pool bookings is prohibited, save for charitable groups by arrangement.

  6. Bookings may be cancelled or rescheduled up to 72 hours before a booking start time. Bookings cancelled within 72 hours are not eligible for refund or reschedule.

  7. However unlikely, the Pool Management Team reserve the right to cancel bookings at short notice. This may be for reasons of safety, eg. chemical imbalance.

  8. Bookings cancelled by the Pool Management Team will be credited or exchanged for an alternative time.

  9. You may not make bookings on behalf of a third party. The individual that made the booking must be present throughout the session.

  10. The Pool Management Team reserve the right to deny membership.

  11. The School, PTA, and Somerset County Council are not liable for any accidents, mishaps or loss of personal belongings. Members are recommended to obtain their own insurance.

Privacy Policy

To become a member of St Michael's Pool we will collect the following personal information:

  • Your name

  • Email address

  • Address

  • Date of birth

  • Phone number

  • Whether or not you have a child at school locally

This information is required for screening and safety purposes. We will use your contact details to notify you about bookings and booking reminders. We may also share your contact details with St Michael's School for access and safeguarding purposes.

We promise never to share your contact details with anybody outside of St Michael's PTA or St Michael's School.

Contact us should you wish to review or delete your personal information.

Privacy Policy
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