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St Michael's Pool Operating Procedure

General Information

  • St Michael's Pool is at St Michael's Church of England First School on Watery Lane in Minehead, Somerset, TA24 5NY.

  • During school time, the main gate to the school will be locked. Entry can be gained using the key button on the the intercom.

  • The pool complex is accessible through a wooden gate at the North East corner of St Michael's main playground, to the left of the School Office.

  • For safety, the pool gate is locked with when unoccupied. Your booking confirmation email, and your 24 hour reminder email will containing the code to this combination lock. It is your responsibility to read the booking confirmation email, or notify us should you not receive it.

  • Entry to the the pool dome is by a sliding door along the path, past the plant room and the chemical room, to the right.

  • The pool is heated and usually maintained at around 30 degrees centigrade.

  • Immediately inside the dome are benches, under which shoes should be stored.

  • The pool is 1.5m at its deepest point, to the left. It slopes up to approximately 1m at its shallow end, to the right.

  • Beyond the shallow end of the pool are changing areas and a toilet.

  • The maximum number of bathers who can use the pool at any one time is 20.

  • The pool water quality is maintained by the PTA Pool Management Team in accordance with the requirements of Guidance for Schools, Volume 4, Section 28.

Potential Risk Factors

Apart from the obvious risk to poor or non-swimmers the following factors need to be considered:​

  • Bathers can be incapacitated by cold water

  • Bathing immediately after eating is dangerous

  • Incapacity due to illness or injury

  • Poor water quality and/or poor light

  • Incorrect and/or recent water treatment

Supervision Requirements

In order to ensure the safety of bathers the following requirements must be implemented:

  • Prior to use check the integrity of the pool and its surroundings, eg. items in the bottom of the pool

  • For 1 swimmer up to a maximum of 20 swimmers, there must be 2 supervisors, 1 of whom must meet the Supervision Standards below.

  • If the session is a formal lesson, then one of the supervisors must be a teacher.

  • The supervisors must remain in the pool dome at all times while there are bathers in or near the water.

  • Supervisors must be in a position where they can continually scan the pool.

  • Supervisors must be fully conversant with the Emergency Action Plan.

  • The maximum continuous length of duty for a supervisor is one hour. A 20 minute break must be taken after this period. If no relief is available then bathing must cease until this period is complete.

  • It is recommended that supervisors regularly rotate supervision points during the session, to prevent lapses in concentration.

Supervision Standards

Qualifications for supervisors of swimming sessions

For shallow water (swimming pools up to 1.2 metres deep)

  1. They can swim, this indicates a level of water confidence

  2. They hold a current Public First Aid Certificate, a First Aid at Work Certificate or an Emergency First Aid Certificate in order that they can administer Expired Air Resuscitation (EAR) and External Cardiac Compression (ECC).

  3. They can recover a casualty from the pool and if necessary use rescue equipment provided, eg. poles, throwlines, etc. (This will need to be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the school).

For deep water (swimming pools over 1.2 metres deep)

  1. A current RLSS Bronze (valid for 36 calendar months from date of qualification); or

  2. A current RLS UK National Pool Lifeguard Qualification, formerly the Pool Bronze Medallion (valid for 24 calendar months from date of qualification).

  3. A current RLSS Test for Teachers of Swimming (valid for 24 calendar months from the date of assessment).

In a situation where the maximum depth of the pool is in excess of 1.2 metres the deeper section must be clearly marked off, eg. by the use of a rope supported by floats.

Accident Reporting

The Accident Book and Accident Report forms are kept in the Storage Drawers on the left of the entrance to the pool dome as you walk in.

An entry must be made in the accident book and an accident form completed for any accident resulting from the use of the pool.

Any incident necessitating the evacuation of the pool or use of the First Aid Kit must be reported to the Headteacher or member of staff at the earliest opportunity.

Emergency Equipment

A First Aid Kit is kept in the Storage Drawers (see Accident Reporting). This kit is sealed and should only be opened in case of an emergency.

The contents should be those outlined in Guidance for Schools Volume 4, Section4.

The First Aid Kit must be present in the pool compound for the duration of the session.


A telephone is available in the School Office for use when the school is open.

Out of normal school hours one of the supervisors must have a working mobile phone available for use in an emergency.

Vehicle Access

The closest vehicle access to the pool is right outside the pool compound door adjacent the School Office.

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